Solutions for Appartments

Having one of the widest ranges of central vacuum units for domestic applications, SACH is in a position to propose the most appropriate solution for your home,whatever the size, whatever the layout.

For apartments or medium-sized flats we recommend New Concept and Eco Mini, central vacuum models specifically designed for these types of home and a further advance in central vacuum technology.   

The two models are completely different in the way they capture dust but between them their specifications are able to satisfy the different requirements or preferences of the user. Dust is collected in the filter bag of the New Concept or, in the case of Eco Mini the dust goes straight into its canister.

SACH New Concept, a solution for flats and apartment blocks


A small robust central vacuum unit with an outstanding technical reputation in the market. Because of its compact size dust is collected in a disposable bag, the second stage of the unit’s filtration system being represented by a fibre filter protecting the motor.

SACH, New Concept range

You have the option of locating the air intake on either side of the unit for easier installation of the appliance in a cupboard in the kitchen, the office or utility room. Its hermetic design and low noise level are two of the main advantages of this model.  

It´s easily maintained by removing the disposable filter bag which is conveniently accessed via the magnetic front panel, meaning that the user never comes into contact with the vacuumed dust. It´s extremely easy to handle too.

In use, its powerful motor ensures maximum effectiveness for this hard-wearing central vacuum unit.


The range comprises two models according to which accessory kit is selected: New Concept & Basic Kit and  New Concept & Low-Voltage Kitthe latter providing the facility to switch the system on and off from the hose handle.

CE marque CE. CEE quality certification CEEMaximum surface area : ≤250m2

Number of inlet valves: 4

Product CE approved (European Union Quality Certificate).

Get in contact with us for our recommendation as to the best solution for your own specific requirements.  

SACH Eco Mini, a solution for flats and apartment blocks


In answer to requests from some customers and taking into consideration the success enjoyed by the larger, ECO 140, SACH developed its ECO Mini model. The unit, only 60cms high, collects dust and dirt in its canister which is easily disposed of by emptying when full.  

SACH, Eco rangeEco Mini incorporates a three-stage filtration system comprising: cyclonic cone , anti bacterial filiter and a filter disc to protect the motor; the protection provided ensures  maximum longevity for the motor.

The unit includes a built-in muffler to minimize noise-levels and an LED display which provides information on minimum maintenance requirements of the unit.
Its high performance and fresh design make Eco Mini a feasible complete option for medium-sized flats and apartments.

Maximum surface area: ≤250m2     
Number of inlet valves: 4-5


Product CE (European Union Quality Certificate), cate), BG (SGS-Bauart-Geprüft) and  ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) approved.

Product also tested by the respected Intertek Laboratories.

CE Marque . CEE quality certificate  BS Marque. to certify compliance with the CE directive      ROHS Marque. to certify compliance with the ROHS directive   Standard of quality seal of Intertek Laboratories

Get in contact with us for our recommendation as to the best solution for your own specific requirements.