In compliance with the deposition of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 Article 114 et seq. all products sold by SACH enjoy a legal guarantee of two years from the date of supply.

In accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 Article 114 the vendor is obliged to supply the consumer or user with products which conform to the contract and to respond to any claim regarding defects of conformity which may apply at the time of delivery of the product.

SACH S.L accepts no responsibility for defects occasioned by negligence, knocks to the product, misuse, unauthorized alterations, inappropriate power supply, incorrect installation, or installation not carried out by authorized installers, nor for materials which have worn out in normal use.

The guarantee is invalidated in case of factors prejudicial to normal use of the product such as surges or losses of power, the utilization of inadequate accessories, use of the product for purposes for which it was not designed such as the vacuuming up of materials after building work as been completed (plaster, cement etc...) or of water, or hot ash or the operation of the product in an improper or abusive manner or by persons not sanctioned by SACH do so.

In the event of a product requiring repair, SACH will seek to rectify the fault through online support or through your nearest SACH repair team who if necessary will visit your home. Please note that the guarantee does not cover the call-out charge. We recommend that you study carefully the instruction manual and follow carefully any instructions provided by our Customer Support Team.

For machine repairs customers must utilize only official SACH technical support or distributors indicated and recognized by SACH S.L.

All SACH domestic central vacuums carry their own individual serial number on the back. To benefit from the terms of your guarantee you will be required to quote this serial number which must correspond to that which SACH has in its records.

In order to exercise your rights under the terms of the guarantee you must provide prior notification to SACH’s Customer Support Team by phone on  900 088 066, by fax on 916 334 931 or by-email to

In order to invoke the guarantee, the guarantee certificate must be presented together with the proof of purchase or, in the case of online registration, the confirmation and verification of the details is required in order to search our archives.

To make effective use of your guarantee contact us by phone on 900 088 066 or online in the section “Register Guarantee”, filling in all required fields in the section “Create an Account” or in your own private area if you’ve already registered as a user.

The guarantee is invalidated if:

  1. If any of its details or those of the proof of purchase are modified, altered or substituted.
  2. If the identification number, serial number or the guaranteed appliance is modified without the knowledge of the Technical Team.
  3. If the serial number does not correspond to that which SACH has on its records the guarantee entitlement rests solely with the owner (contracted party) whose name appears on the invoice.

SACH is not obliged to attend to requests from third parties who have not been supplied directly or through one of its distributors or authorized technical service teams and / or whose details don’t appear on the invoice.