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Welcome to SACH and to the World of Central Vacuums

SACH’s History and Evolution

“Constant evolution through experience”

  • 1992: SACH is conceived as a specialist for central vacuum installations.
  • 1998: The company launches its first range of central vacuum units and starts to develop the Spanish market.
  • 2002: SACH pioneers the introduction to the market of the first central vacuum unit manufactured from ABS.
  • 2006: SACH establishes itself as a supplier to the international market.
  • 2008: The Company launches its own brand of central vacuum installation materials.
  • SACH, a professional team at your service2009: SACH launches its own brand of brushes as well as innovative accessories such as the automatic wall-mounted hose reel
  • 2010: SACH already has a presence in more than 20 countries with ambitious plans to further expand its distributor network. The technological evolution of its products and a lasting commitment to a professional personalized service  provide the blueprint for its continued success.


A professional service at your disposal

“Your time is important to us, you are important to us”

An expanding team of professionals just waiting to provide you with the personalised service you expect and deserve.

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The fundamental tenets of our company – a young dynamic team of professionals to provide the best possible advice and assistance supported by our technical team who will oversee your project in all its stages.


SACH’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that  its group of professionals meets the current and future needs of the market means that it is constantly expanding the SACH Team to ensure you get the most effective reliable service possible.


We’re here to help you!

The product range

“We’re specialists!”

Ongoing investment in research and development means SACH can offer products of its own manufacture, making available to you the most technically advanced central vacuum equipment in the market supported by a comprehensive range of accessories and materials to provide a complete solution for central vacuum installations, be they domestic or commercial.  

Guarantee and after-sale service

SACH, Quality control, water-lift , filters, electronics“You can count on us!”

Through real investment in product development and rigorous control of both the manufacturing process and order preparation, SACH is able to deliver products tested to the highest possible quality standards - CE (European Union Quality Certificate), BG (SGS-Bauart Geprüft) and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) approvals; Our Typhoon and Evo ranges have also undergone independent quality testing at the highly respected Intertek Laboratories.  




CE Marque . CEE quality certificate  BS Marque. to certify compliance with the CE directive      ROHS Marque. to certify compliance with the ROHS directive   Standard of quality seal of Intertek Laboratories

SACH, Technical Support


SACH not only guarantees its product but also the technical assistance it provides to you,whether as the final customer or as a trade professional. Our network of experienced distributors will provide advice and support to ensure that together we arrive at the best possible solution for your individual needs.  (click here)



Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

“We’re waiting to hear from you!”

As a responsible manufacturer, genuinely passionate about its products, SACH is committed to spreading the word regarding the concept of central vacuum systems, their benefits and the real value they bring to both homes and businesses; constant product evolution and the provision of personalized solutions for all manner of domestic and commercial applications has seen SACH’s  central vacuum market opportunities grow.

SACH, international central vacuum companyOur objective is to continue to evolve as a company and as a group through ongoing product development and the adaptation and improvement of our products to provide new, better solutions for the needs of distributors, installers, builders, developers and trade professionals who all share our vision of the great central vacuum project. Customer support and a personalized service attuned to the customer’s specific requirements remain fundamental to achieving our vision.

Constant improvement both personally and professionally and our passion for providing satisfaction both to customers and distributors remain the key values that drive our organization.

Thank you for allowing us to share our vision with you!