Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen





  1. Ownership of the Web Domain
  2. Purpose and Scope of Application
  3. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights
  4. Comments, Criticism and Communication
  5. Product Information
  6. Warranty
  7. Data Protection and Privacy Policy



1. Ownership of the Web Domain


In compliance with Law 34/2002 covering Providers of Services and Information  and E-Commerce (LSSICE) we confirm that the web domain, is owned by  SACH, S.L, a company legally incorporated in Spain with VAT registration number B79495164 and registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register, Volume 281, Folio 69, Page M-5666, First Entry on 29th August 1990.


Should you have any queries regarding the above please contact SACH’s Customer Support Team by phone on 900 088 066 or fax on 916 334 931 (from Spain) or by sending an e-mail to


2. Purpose and Scope of Application


It is the purpose of The General Conditions of contracting and utilization described in the following pages to regulate information provided in the online store of and to formalize the contractual relationships between SACH S.L., owner of the web portal and all users.


Navigation to the online store and the acquisition of products offered in the store assume awareness and acceptance without reservation of any kind by the user of each and every one of the general conditions of contracting and utilization. By the term “user“ we understand any internet user who accesses the website, either directly or via any other internet site.


SACH SL reserves the right to modify partially or completely the current general conditions of contracting or utilization without prior notice, such modifications being published in the online store with the purpose of notifying users. Any such modifications will not apply retrospectively to goods and services previously contracted for by users prior to their publication.


3. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights


All the content of the website (the SACH brand, logos, icons, technical or engineering drawings, illustrations, text, descriptions, brand names, images photographs , videos as well as graphic design material, source codes and any other ítems included on the website is the property of SACH S.L, or of third parties who have duly authorized its inclusion on the website. Further, intellectual and industrial property rights relating to all content are protected both by Spanish and international legislation.


Any partial or complete reproduction of the content in whatever form is subject to the prior express approval of SACH S.L.


SACH S.L, can accept no responsibility for infringement of the rights of third parties by a user or users as a result of their actions on this website.


The introduction of hyperlinks providing access to our site from websites unrelated to for commercial gain is prohibited unless by prior agreement. In all cases the existence of hyperlinks in no way implies either a commercial relationship with the owner of the website from which the hyperlink originates or acceptance on the part of SACH S.L. of its content or services.


4. Comments, Criticism and Communication


All opinions expressed on are monitored by SACH S.L.’s marketing team Should comments received be deemed to infringe legislation, ethics or morals (public abuse, defamation, insults, comments made out-of-context…) SACH S.L. reserves the right to remove these.


5. Product Information


SACH S.L, makes every effort to ensure that all information appearing on the website, either in the form of technical descriptions or photographs illustrating the product  is accurate and free from typographical errors. Should an unforeseen error occur this will be corrected immediately we become aware of it.  Should the error relate to a price or specific promotion and the customer has based his or her decision to purchase on this error, we will inform the client of the error who will then have the right to cancel the order without incurring a penalty. In the event of information provided not corresponding to the specification of the product the customer will have the right to cancel the order without incurring a penalty.


Within the production batch from which it originates any product supplied may be subject to minor modifications in terms of components or specification in so far as this is not detrimental to its quality or to published performance data.


All contractual information appearing on is in the Spanish language (Castillian) and any communication with customers and users will be in this language.


6. Warranty


In compliance with the deposition of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 Article 114 et seq. all products sold by SACH enjoy a legal guarantee of two years from the date of supply.


In accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 Article 114 the vendor is obliged to supply the consumer or user with products which conform to the contract and to respond to any claim regarding defects of conformity which may apply at the time of delivery of the product.


SACH S.L accepts no responsibility for defects occasioned by negligence, knocks to the product, misuse, unauthorized alterations, inappropriate power supply, incorrect installation, or installation not carried out by authorized installers, nor for materials which have worn out in normal use.


The guarantee is invalidated in case of factors prejudicial to normal use of the product such as surges or losses of power, the utilization of inadequate accessories, use of the product for purposes for which it was not designed such as the vacuuming up of materials after building work as been completed (plaster, cement etc...) or of water, or hot ash or the operation of the product in an improper or abusive manner or by persons not sanctioned by SACH do so.


In the event of a product requiring repair, SACH will seek to rectify the fault through online support or through your nearest SACH repair team who if necessary will visit your home. Please note that the guarantee does not cover the call-out charge. We recommend that you study carefully the instruction manual and follow carefully any instructions provided by our Customer Support Team.


For machine repairs customers must utilize only official SACH technical support or distributors indicated and recognized by SACH S.L.


All SACH domestic central vacuums carry their own individual serial number on the back. To benefit from the terms of your guarantee you will be required to quote this serial number which must correspond to that which SACH has in its records.


In order to exercise your rights under the terms of the guarantee you must provide prior notification to SACH’s Customer Support Team by phone on  900 088 066, by fax on 916 334 931 or by-email to


In order to invoke the guarantee, the guarantee certificate must be presented together with the proof of purchase or, in the case of online registration, the confirmation and verification of the details is required  in order to search our archives.


To make effective use of your guarantee contact us by phone on 900 088 066 or online in the section “Register Guarantee”, filling in all required fields in the section “Create an Account” or in your own private area if you’ve already registered as a user.


The guarantee is invalidated if:


  1. If any of its details or those of the proof of purchase are modified, altered or substituted.
  2. If the identification number, serial number or the guaranteed appliance is modified without the knowledge of the Technical Team.
  3. If the serial number does not correspond to that which SACH has on its records the guarantee entitlement rests solely with the owner (contracted party) whose name appears on the invoice.


SACH is not obliged to attend to requests from third parties who have not been supplied directly or through one of its distributors or authorized technical service teams and / or whose details don’t appear on the invoice.

7. Data Protection and Privacy Policy


SACH S.L, for the purposes of the decree of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, of The Protection of Details of a Personal Nature with 15/1999, and f RD 1720/2007 of 21st December which approved the ruling which implemented  O.L 15/1999 we confirm the existence of a database of a personal nature created by and under the responsibility of SACH S.L. covering details obtained on the website


The purpose of said database is to manage the contractual relationship between the user and SACH S.L., it having been generated from details provided by users during the navigation of the website and the completion of forms which are indispensable for making purchases, accessing specific services such as registering a guarantee, checking the status of orders as well as for sending information on promotions, special offers and Company newsletters announcing new products and services which may be of interest to the user.


The customer consents expressly for SACH S.L. to communicate these details to associated third parties such as companies, banks and others in order for them to be able to administer payment, shipment or commercial or technical support by country. Likewise SACHS.L .will be able to carry out other communication of details envisaged by the law.  The user will register his or her personal details and select a password which will enable them to access all areas which require prior registration. In this way they won’t need to fill out their details each time they return to the site.


If the user does not wish to receive any communications it is possible for him to log on to his account and deactivate the mailing of the Newsletter and information available for download in the Newsletter Section.


In order to guarantee the highest level of security and to preserve the confidentiality of the details with which we’ve been provided and to protect transactions carried out with them all communications occur within the environment of a secure server under the S.S.L. protocol (Secure Socket Layer) through the GeoTrust certification , with the result that all communications are transmitted in encrypted form under 256bit encryption by means of an RSA code system which ensures the highest level of protection for all communications.


When registering on the website, the user undertakes to provide valid personal details. Providing false or incorrect details contravenes the current General Conditions and the Terms of Use of the website.


The user needs to be of legal age to contract and transact orders. If this is not the case the responsibility for orders transacted by minors falls to the parents or legal guardians of the minor.


In accordance with that which was established in the Regulation of Security Measures for automated databases containing details of a personal nature, approved by Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11th July , SACH S.L undertakes, in using the details included in the database, to respect their confidentiality, to utilize them for the purpose laid down and to fulfil its obligation to keep them safe and implement all possible measures to prevent their alteration, loss, or any unauthorized access or processing.

In compliance with the decree of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December customers and users of, are able at all times to exercise the right of access, modification, cancellation or objection to his personal details, by communicating this in writing to : SACH S.L. Customer Support Department,  Pol. Ind. Ventorro del Cano C/ Vereda de los Barros 67, Nave A-B, 28925 Alcorcón, Madrid.